Monday, August 31, 2015

To New Beginnings...

It’s 8:20 in the morning and I am sitting here in my pajamas with a giant bowl of cheerio’s in front of me contemplating on what the day might hold for me.

What a decidedly awesome thought.

Not knowing what the day has planned for me is a little like my own personal daredevil stunt. It takes courage to face the unknown, to boldly step into the future and embrace it headlong. Of course, if I were more courageous I would probably be jumping out of airplanes or rock climbing or swimming in shark infested waters, or something else equally crazy dangerous like that.

But here I am.

To be honest I am totally looking forward to what my future holds, I can hardly wait to begin!

And so, in the spirit of those who have gone before me, I would like to welcome you to join me in this crazy journey called life!

To new beginnings!