Hi there.

Just in case you missed the giant words at the top of this page let me introduce myself. I am Kathy Wereb and this is my Blog.

I don’t have any degrees or fancy certificates, but hey, I did graduate the 12th grade so that has to count for something, right? School taught me lots of things, like how to not dodge balls in gym class and how to jam my locker every other day, but most importantly, it taught me how to use my head for something other than target practice. 

Writing is my passion, and I can always be found scribbling or doodling on anything that resembles paper. My first short story was written when I was twelve, and by the time I was a sophomore in high school I had written a full-fledged novel. Unfortunately they were lost during one of our moves so I actually have no proof that they even existed. Sad, I know.

Happily though I had enough imagination and knowledge left to go on to write my novel, Never Forsaken. Set in the beautiful state of Colorado it follows the life of Madeline Johnston as she deals with the struggles of everyday life.

Currently I live in Phoenix, Arizona with the love of my life, my husband Bryan. Mostly we stay indoors, but when the weather cools down we can be found at various restaurants, taking walks and browsing the stores at the mall. Our son, Alex, lives close by and we get to spend quite a bit of time with him as well.

When I’m not writing I enjoy Star Trek, online games, scrapbooking, cherry pie, and digging around in history to find my ancestors, although, I recently discovered that there were quite a few cousins marrying cousins in the late 1700 to early 1800’s, which explains a lot, but I didn’t necessarily want to know that part of my family history.

I also host an online Bible study for women, write a blog for our Women’s Ministry at church, and manage my church’s Facebook page.

I think that about sums up who Kathy Wereb is.  I sure hope you enjoyed the tour and I would love to have you follow me, well, not in a creepy-stalkerish way but as in click the “Follow Me” button in the right column.

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