Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Top 20 Most Favorite Christmas Movie List

Hallmark Movies

I love Hallmark Christmas movies! True, the plots are basically the same with a few twists thrown in, and sometimes the acting can be a bit, well, sappy, but I believe the heart of every movie captures what Christmas is all, peace and good will toward men! And while there are way too many to really choose from, I think I've narrowed it down to these three favorites.  

It's All About the Classics Baby

I grew up with these movies. They evoke childhood memories, the wonder of Christmas morning and the thrill of surprise at finding gifts under the tree!

Timeless Movies

The following movies are timeless, they've become a staple in my household. I love the messages each one represents, and nothing beats cuddling up to the Hubby on a cold Arizona night while we watch these favorites.

Just for Fun Movies

The following movies are a hodge-podge collection of Christmas favorites, some are new to the group, some we've been watching for years. These are all a bit zany, so I hope you enjoy this collection!

I hope you enjoyed this walk through my Christmas movie list. Are there any missing from my list that are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments, I'd LOVE to hear about your favorites!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Delayed

You’re probably scratching your head right about now and wondering at the title of this blog.  Christmas delayed?  It's barely into November and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!  I totally understand the confusion the title may bring and I'm here to explain.

You see, the Christmas season here at the Wereb household doesn't begin on December 1st.  For us it actually begins on the 1st weekend of October.  ????  I know, I know, you might need a moment to digest this startling news so go ahead, take a deep breath and let it sink in.

There.  Ready now?  Good!

Years ago my hubby asked if we could put the Christmas decorations up in November.  I didn't see the harm in it, so I agreed.   It was great fun and made the house festive, so it wasn't a surprise when he came to me a year later and suggested we put the decorations up on October 31st.   Since we don't really celebrate Halloween I thought it wouldn't be so bad and again, I agreed.   I have to admit though, when he suggested we start decorating the 1st weekend of October I had my doubts.   I mean, that is pretty early, but in the end how could I resist his pleading and I caved in, much to his delight.   And it's been this way ever since.

Except this year.  And I gotta admit, I'm kinda sad.  If you read last week’s blog you'll understand.  You see, due to our ‘double move’ our Christmas has been delayed by a whole 2 months!

The apartment looks empty without the tree sparkling in the corner.  I miss the handmade Christmas village my grandmother worked so hard on and the quaint little ceramic Nativity scene my mother gave me.   I miss the beautiful handcrafted tree skirt my other mother created for us when we were newly married and I miss the memories our many ornaments whisper to me from their perch among the branches.

Of course I know that the reason behind the season is what's important, and having a relationship with Jesus means that every single day of the year is a gift to be opened and shared, but I miss the tangible effect those decorations bring in my life.  Feelings of love, peace, family, and community all wrapped up in tinsel and shiny baubles.  And so, let me be the first one to officially tell you, despite the delay…

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Chaos of Moving

We are moving again.  For my close friends this should not come as a surprise, since we tend to move, a lot.  Since my husband and I were married almost 22 years ago we’ve moved at least a dozen times, probably more if I sit down and think it over…which I choose not to do because it requires more brain power than my one cup of coffee this morning allows.

It's not that we love moving, I mean, who does?  Some of the moves were out of necessity.  Some were due to circumstances beyond our control.   And some were (yes, I have to admit it) simply because we wanted a change of scenery.  No matter the reason we would have to admit that we do not love the chaos moving brings.

Especially this time.

Due to the extremely rainy weather we are going to have to move twice within a relatively short time.  I know!  Rain in Arizona seems like an oxymoron.  Doesn't make sense, but we do get enough rain to bring flash floods during this time of year.  And apparently our electric company is just as confuzled as we are, because due to the rain they cannot hook up our new apartment until a month after our scheduled move-in date!

Unfortunately that means we have to rent an apartment for a month until our new place is hooked up…and then we get to move again!  “Why not stay where we are for an extra month?” you must be asking right about now.  I'm so glad you asked!  Our current apartment has already rented our place, so we must vacate at the scheduled time.  Thus the reason for the chaos.

We are now trying to decide what we need to live with for the month and what can be stowed away in our makeshift storage apartment until we move again.  It's actually a little funny, if you think on it a bit.  Sure makes us evaluate our priorities with our wants and needs, at the very least.   I mean, we are now down to that very basic question…What can I live without and still function like a rational adult human being?

I’m happy to say that we finally made our choices and are now living free from the chaos.  Everything has been either safely stowed away, or is happily sitting in our new temporary apartment, but I think I’ve boiled it all down to one thing, one thing that I absolutely cannot live without.

Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Everything else is just icing on the top.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hubby Love...

My husband loves me!

Not a big news flash, I know, but it is one worth repeating and I don't really brag about him often enough so today I’m going to go ahead and brag!  He went grocery shopping alone yesterday and as most of you wives know, that can be quite an adventure in and of itself.  You never know what may find its way home with him, am I right?

So, he went shopping to pick up a few things we need, went without a list and the only thing I asked for specifically was two Fuji apples to assuage my peanut butter ‘n apple snack craving I’ve had lately.  We usually go shopping together, in fact, we do almost everything together, but I was feeling a little ‘off’ and he went alone.
Thyme was on his side!

I wasn’t expecting anything more than my two apples and our needed things, so when he came in with multiple plastic bags hanging off his arms I was surprised.  We didn’t really need that much stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised by his choices.  He bought various sugary snacks for himself, my two Fuji apples, our regular grocery items, a rotisserie chicken, cottage cheese, potato salad without mustard, a mini cherry pie, green grapes and two bananas.

While I’m sure you are not impressed with our grocery list, I am!  You see, without my asking, he chose food that I love, that he doesn’t care for, because he knew that I would enjoy them.  He chose the chicken and the cottage cheese because I love them, he remembered that I detest mustard so chose the potato salad accordingly, he thought of me as he chose my favorite type of pie, and he knew that I can’t go a week with only two measly little apples in my usually fruit heavy diet.

After twenty-one years of marriage he knows me, he knows my likes and preferences, he thinks about me when I’m not with him, and makes an effort to make me happy.  Of course, our relationship is not perfect and there are days where we both are a bit crunchy, but I gotta tell you, I am so incredibly blessed by this man God has given me!

So no matter where you are in your relationships, whether you are just getting started or been together for decades, take some time out to let your significant other know just how much you love them, appreciate them and want the best for them.  Do something unexpected, something that is uniquely suited to your spouse, something that shows them that you are thinking of them.

Take it from me, you will love the results!

Monday, October 12, 2015

PAN: My Movie Review

Image from
Have you seen the movie Pan yet?  If you have, please feel free to comment and share your opinion, I'd love to hear it!  If not, please go see it and then come back and let me know what you thought!

Warning!  The following review does contain general information regarding the movie. Not outright spoilers, but limited opinions regarding characters, etc...If you still want to know read on! 

I have to say that I enjoyed this movie tremendously. There were a few items that were a bit out of place, such as the song that heralded Blackbeard’s appearance (Really?  A song by Nirvana instead of a traditional pirate chanty??) and the actor that played Hook seemed a bit fake and overly emotional, but generally it was a nice adaptation of a classic book.

What I really enjoyed was the theme of Peter trying to come to terms, and grow into, the person he was born to be. I think this echoes what I taught my son, that you don’t have to be someone else to be important, that you just need to accept yourself and work with who are, not who others want you to be. I realize that others might be put off by his lack of fighting, but I think it works. He’s an inexperienced little boy who knows nothing about fighting with a knife, or even his fists, so it should be expected that he would leave that type of fighting to those more experienced while he struggles to learn how to fly.

While the head nun was depicted in a bad light, I didn’t think it was too offensive or meant to reflect on the Catholic church as a whole. She was simply an end to a means, to show that the boys were living in a horrible situation, and I’m sure in those days the majority of orphanages were run by the church. Of course, as usual, there will be people who read way too much into her depiction, but it fit into the storyline and nicely set up the reason for the ending.

Tiger Lily was also a good fit. In the original movies, and book, her role was basically there for a love triangle with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, which I always felt shortchanged her abilities. As a warrior princess, she should be trained to fight and take care of herself. Her fighting was neither offensive nor a big feminist flag, it was a woman who was fighting to preserve her way of life and save the lives of those she loved. With Hook otherwise engaged (needfully) and Peter naturally not experienced enough, she was the natural choice for the fight scenes.

I think that this movie gives both boys and girls the opportunity to realize how they are unique, each person is gifted with abilities and talents that don’t measure up to the world’s rules or standards regarding their gender. Both boys and girls can be strong, and that’s okay. What a great message to impart to our children!

In closing, I have to say that the colored smoke instead of bullets was genius! It gave it the much needed respite from the usual bloody gun battles so rampant in today’s movies. I also appreciated the lack of foul language and nudity to be a welcome change from the usual junk foisted upon our kids today.

Of course, this is not a Christian movie, so I did not expect it to be without the fairytale aspects. But I didn’t find it overtly magical or steeped in witchcraft as quite a few other children’s movies are. It was clearly fantasy, and as such, handled those magical moments perfectly.

In today's world it is getting increasingly difficult to find a movie that Christian families can attend, and I would say that if you are looking for a good, clean movie that Pan is one you bring the entire family to.

Rating:  PG
Length: 1 hour 51 minutes

I give it 4 out of 5 Happys!

For families with small children:  Please be aware that the pirates can look a little scary, although in my opinion they were dressed to be more realistic rather than comical, which made the story a bit more believable.  Also, there are the crocodiles, but they are only in the movie briefly.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Day After the World Ended

Welcome to the day after the world ended!
I am so glad to see that you made the transition smoothly, without any problems or hiccups along the way.

If you’re scratching your head right about now you might be wondering if I’m off my rocker.  Well, yes and no.  You see, according to THESE PEOPLE, the world was supposed to end yesterday, October 7, 2015.  Since you and I are both here (among the other billions of inhabitants of this planet we call Earth) reading this blog I would have to assume that their prediction failed.  At least, I sure hope that’s the case because this is most definitely NOT the afterlife I would’ve imagined finding myself in.

Throughout the centuries there have been numerous predictions concerning the end of the world, and while these bold statements have prompted people, I’m sure, into either terrified little balls of fluff hiding in the corner or wild party goers who want to live life in full to the end, none of them have ever come true.

In all truth, no one really knows the day the world will end, except for God, and even He is not spilling the beans.  And to be honest, I don’t want to know when it will end.  I just want to live my life, enjoy the many blessings God has given me, and be the kind of person who Jesus would want to hang out with.

Everything else is just icing on the top.

So as we wait for the next prediction to roll around (And you know that it is coming, right?) let’s all agree to live peacefully, love rightly and always carry a bag of chocolate.

Blessings and Love, 

Kathy Wereb

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Actually Took a Walk!

I actually took a walk! Incredible, I know, but it did happen, and I've got the photograph's to prove it! And now that the weather in Arizona is turning I may just have to get out and repeat the experience.

Currently we live in an apartment that backs up to a lovely walking trail that winds it's way along one of the many canals that provide much needed water to the desert. 

This first picture is a plant called Brittlebrush.

I know, it's not the prettiest bush in the world, but I thought it had tons of character.  It's actually a member of the Sunflower family, which is my favorite flower! 

Bonus fact - Did you know that the branches were burned as incense in California's early churches and the leaves were chewed by early Native Americans?  Cool, huh?

And this is what Brittlebrush looks like when it blooms!  

Beautiful yellow daisy like flowers!

This next picture is pretty much what it looks like, a bedraggled nest perched in a scrubby tree, but I thought it was a beautiful depiction of Arizona wildlife!

This pathway reminds me of the scripture..

"This is what the Lord says: 
"Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls." 

Jeremiah 6:16 (nlt)

I have to say that this trail looks inviting, doesn't it?

This poor fellow looks like he fell over at one point, but I'm so happy that he remained strong and kept his gnarly trunk!

I've saved the best for last! A lovely turquoise bridge spanning the wash. I love that little tree-bush sitting by itself! 

I hope you enjoyed your little walk, and are looking forward to the next one!

Happy Trails!


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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yummy Stuff

So I was digging around in some old boxes recently and found a book I wrote and illustrated when I was in grade school. Wow! Talk about memories. 

When I was a kid I always had a book within reach. It didn't matter what it was, just as long as it had words on the page it was okay in my opinion. In fact, when my friends and siblings got their allowances they spent their coins on candy and ice cream and yummy stuff. My yummy stuff was a new book. 

I love crafting words that draw the thoughts of my mind on paper, something tangible, something that I can hold in my hand and say, “That’s who Kathy is.”  

Writing has always been my choice of communication, my therapy.  With my words I can puzzle out a problem, bring clarity to situations, express my joys and lose myself in delightful fancies.

Yummy stuff.

What interests do you have that thrill you, that you find yourself returning to over and over again? What is your "Yummy Stuff"?

I'd love to find out! Please post a comment and let me know!

Monday, August 31, 2015

To New Beginnings...

It’s 8:20 in the morning and I am sitting here in my pajamas with a giant bowl of cheerio’s in front of me contemplating on what the day might hold for me.

What a decidedly awesome thought.

Not knowing what the day has planned for me is a little like my own personal daredevil stunt. It takes courage to face the unknown, to boldly step into the future and embrace it headlong. Of course, if I were more courageous I would probably be jumping out of airplanes or rock climbing or swimming in shark infested waters, or something else equally crazy dangerous like that.

But here I am.

To be honest I am totally looking forward to what my future holds, I can hardly wait to begin!

And so, in the spirit of those who have gone before me, I would like to welcome you to join me in this crazy journey called life!

To new beginnings!