Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yummy Stuff

So I was digging around in some old boxes recently and found a book I wrote and illustrated when I was in grade school. Wow! Talk about memories. 

When I was a kid I always had a book within reach. It didn't matter what it was, just as long as it had words on the page it was okay in my opinion. In fact, when my friends and siblings got their allowances they spent their coins on candy and ice cream and yummy stuff. My yummy stuff was a new book. 

I love crafting words that draw the thoughts of my mind on paper, something tangible, something that I can hold in my hand and say, “That’s who Kathy is.”  

Writing has always been my choice of communication, my therapy.  With my words I can puzzle out a problem, bring clarity to situations, express my joys and lose myself in delightful fancies.

Yummy stuff.

What interests do you have that thrill you, that you find yourself returning to over and over again? What is your "Yummy Stuff"?

I'd love to find out! Please post a comment and let me know!

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