Monday, November 2, 2015

The Chaos of Moving

We are moving again.  For my close friends this should not come as a surprise, since we tend to move, a lot.  Since my husband and I were married almost 22 years ago we’ve moved at least a dozen times, probably more if I sit down and think it over…which I choose not to do because it requires more brain power than my one cup of coffee this morning allows.

It's not that we love moving, I mean, who does?  Some of the moves were out of necessity.  Some were due to circumstances beyond our control.   And some were (yes, I have to admit it) simply because we wanted a change of scenery.  No matter the reason we would have to admit that we do not love the chaos moving brings.

Especially this time.

Due to the extremely rainy weather we are going to have to move twice within a relatively short time.  I know!  Rain in Arizona seems like an oxymoron.  Doesn't make sense, but we do get enough rain to bring flash floods during this time of year.  And apparently our electric company is just as confuzled as we are, because due to the rain they cannot hook up our new apartment until a month after our scheduled move-in date!

Unfortunately that means we have to rent an apartment for a month until our new place is hooked up…and then we get to move again!  “Why not stay where we are for an extra month?” you must be asking right about now.  I'm so glad you asked!  Our current apartment has already rented our place, so we must vacate at the scheduled time.  Thus the reason for the chaos.

We are now trying to decide what we need to live with for the month and what can be stowed away in our makeshift storage apartment until we move again.  It's actually a little funny, if you think on it a bit.  Sure makes us evaluate our priorities with our wants and needs, at the very least.   I mean, we are now down to that very basic question…What can I live without and still function like a rational adult human being?

I’m happy to say that we finally made our choices and are now living free from the chaos.  Everything has been either safely stowed away, or is happily sitting in our new temporary apartment, but I think I’ve boiled it all down to one thing, one thing that I absolutely cannot live without.

Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Everything else is just icing on the top.


  1. We did a similar process when we moved to OK. Some of our stuff was in PODS starting in March, and didn't arrive at the new house until mid-June. What I discovered is that fully 1/3 of the "stuff" what we own, I didn't need or even want. Unfortunately it was necessary according to others in my family that we keep it all and bring it all in the house. Now we are crowded again.

  2. :) So true Brenda! We've moved so often that we've whittled it down, but I am finding that what I need is much different than what I want! ha ha -

  3. Coffee is all you need LK