Creamy Chicken & Spinach-Ricotta Tortellini Soup

So I was browsing through the grocery store the other day and came across this package of tortellini in the deli area.  My Hubby said I should try it, so I tossed it into my cart and off we went.  The expiration date was sometime in May so I pushed it into the bottom of my produce drawer and determined to use it before then.

Tonight I decided to pull it out and actually read the directions.  I discovered much to my delight that you cook it by boiling it, and then inspiration dawned and suddenly my new soup was born!

I am telling you that this is so far my favorite soup recipe!  The flavors are amazing, it literally bursts in your mouth.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I am!


2-3 Chicken Breasts, cooked and diced
1 20 oz pkg Buitoni Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini
1 28 oz can Diced Basil, Garlic & Oregano Tomatoes, juice included
1 32 oz carton Chicken Broth
1 16 oz can Whole Corn, drained
1 15 oz jar Classico Light Creamy Alfredo Sauce
3 tbs Celery Salt
3 Chicken Bouillon Cubes, dissolved in 1/4 cup hot water
1 1/2 cans water (using the tomato can)

Cooking time:  10-15 minutes 
6-10 servings, depending on how large your bowls are.


1.  Precook your chicken and dice it into small bite sized chunks.  You can even shred it if you like.  I used the microwave to cook it since I forgot to take it out, which took about 6-7 minutes to defrost, and 10-12 minutes to cook it thoroughly.  ( I know, I know, microwaving my chicken was not the best idea, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.)

2.  Take all of your other ingredients, except the alfredo sauce, and dump them into a large pot while you're cooking your chicken.  Bring to a roiling boil, then lower your temperature and continue to boil for 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently, but gently.

You don't want to over cook your pasta.  As the tortellini cooks it gets larger, and softer, so be careful not to overdo or stir harshly.

Now, I realize that adding creamy alfredo sauce might seem a little odd but let me assure you, this simple little addition adds a richness to the soup that was missing without it.  I am NOT kidding! It really brings the flavor out.  I added mine during the last 5-6 minutes of cooking because it was a last minute decision to add it.  You can add your's whenever.

3.  Add your hot, cooked chicken to your soup, stir and serve!  If you want to, serve with your favorite bread products, or just scarf it down by itself, either way is perfect!

This is lower in calories, but again, load it with the non-low cal options if you so choose.  Just make it to suit your tastes and all will be good!

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