Dehydrator Tools

One year I received a gift that transformed my life!

I'm not kidding, it really did.  My son gave me a food dehydrator!  It took me a month or two to get started, but once I did, there was no turning back.  Dehydrating my own fruit and vegetables has saved me tons of money, as well as given me a much healthier snack option.  I even make my own fruit roll-ups!  I love the fact that I can slice up some fruit and put it in my trays then go about my day!

Okay, if you've gotten the dehydrating bug then here's the tools of the trade, so to speak.  

1.  Dehydrator -  you will need one of these.  In my research I've found that some people use their ovens, or even an old dusty machine from one of their distant relatives.  I prefer the new-fangled one my son got me.  It works like a dream!

Here is where you can purchase one just like mine:

Nesco Dehydrator from Amazon
Nesco Dehydrator from WalMart

2.  Dehydrator Trays/Inserts - Okay.  Your new dehydrator will come with 2 Clean-A-Screens and 2 Fruit Roll Sheets, which makes no sense when you realize you've got 5 trays.  If you're like me, you might like to add on to your supplies.

Clean-A-Screens - These are amazing! They have smaller squares, which prevent smaller food items from falling through your trays. They also work great for your stickier fruits/veggies.  Once dried your fruit simply peels off!  

Clean-A-Screens at Amazon

Fruit Roll Sheets - These are awesome!  I love fruit roll-ups, or as some call it, fruit leather. These are a must if you plan on making them.  

Fruit Roll Sheets at Amazon

3.  Mandolin Slicer - This will be your best friend!  The key to uniform dried fruit is to have the slices the same size and thickness. You can purchase any that you like, but I have this one and it's my right hand.  

Multi-Produce Mandolin Slicer at WalMart

4. Apple Corer - This is much more  than an apple corer!  I core all my fruits with this.  I looked for this exact type of corer everywhere and finally found it in WalMart.  The usual corer, that also creates wedges, doesn't work well for dehydrating because the thicker the slices the longer it takes to dry.  You can't buy this one online, but I included a link so that you can do a search to see if it's in one of your local stores.  

Mainstays Apple Corer at WalMart 

5.  Coming soon...

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