Monday, December 5, 2016

When Your Name is No Longer Just a Name...

If you were to ask God to change your name, what would you want your name to be, or mean?

Someone asked me this once, and it made me pause and think.

To be honest, my name has always been just a name to me, nothing more than a way to identify myself from among the millions of other human beings living on the planet.  It means no more, or no less, than any other name.  At least, that’s what I’ve always thought.

The Bible says this in Proverbs 22:1…
“It is better to be respected than to be rich. A good name is worth more than silver or gold.”

A good name…but, what does this mean exactly?  How can a name be good, or bad?  Perhaps, just maybe, a good name means more than just words on a birth certificate. 

Let’s play a game.  I’m going to name a few names and you take note of the first thought that comes to mind when you read them.  Ready?

  • Hitler
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Ghandi
  • OJ Simpson
  • Helen Keller
  • Billy Graham

What were your first thoughts?  These names are after all, just names.  But for me, when I think of them I can’t help but think of what they are associated with.  Each name carries with it their reputations, their acts, whether for good or for bad.  Each name is defined by who they are, or were.

A good name is more than just a name, and that places such a huge responsibility on my part.  My name will be shaped by my decisions, by my actions, by my words and by my heart. 

Who I am now will determine who I am in eternity.

To be honest, I don’t know what name I would choose if given a choice, but I do know that I want my name to mean something, to be a reflection of God’s grace.  And when I finally reach heaven, and see God face to face, I want to be worthy of whatever name He gives me.

So I’ll leave you with this question…

If you were to ask God to change your name, what would you want your name to be, or mean?

Blessings, Kathy

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