Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sometimes Seeing God in the Details of a Decision Can be Hard When a Blessing Stands in His Way

Something happened recently that renewed my faith in just how closely God is concerned with the little details of my life.

About a week and a half ago I received a rather unexpected job offer. I mean, it was totally off my radar. You see, months ago, I had given a friend of mine my resume. She is one of the higher ups in a brand new Memory Care Center being built, and while it wasn’t complete yet, she offered to pass along my resume for a receptionist position once they reached the hiring stage. Of course, as the months went by, I totally forgot about it.

Until an email popped up without warning and asked if I would be interested in a receptionist position.

It’s a good job. Full time, with benefits, including paid vacations, everything that I want in a job. I’d be a fool to pass it up, right? Let me just say, I was excited, I thought “How cool that God blessed me with this opportunity without me even trying!” So I went to the interview, met the people I’d be working with, was told that I would be an integral part of the team. It was great! Until they told me the hours I would be working…Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.

It’s those little details that trip us up, right?

I asked them if they would be flexible with the hours so that I could attend church. They said no, the hours are set. So Bryan and I discussed it, and we decided that I could use my lunch hour to attend church. Not the best compromise, but workable, after all I would only be missing the beginning and the end of service. No big deal, right? So I accepted the position and was scheduled to begin training this week, starting full time on the 18th.

Let’s get real for a moment. This decision was a difficult one for me. I’d have to say in the 30 years of my salvation I have never taken a job that so directly conflicted with church attendance. And while it may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, to me, it is. Since I first received Jesus as my Savior church has always been a fixture in my life. I made a decision early on that I wanted to be faithful, and unless I was dying I was going to church, no matter what.

So I made this decision…but as the days passed I began to question it. But we had already rearranged our life, bought a second vehicle, just to accommodate it. I passed my qualms off as ‘new job jitters’ and resolved to push the worry from my mind.

We went to church Saturday night, and the sermon was all about making great decisions. God began to nudge me about the job. Something the pastor said stuck with me…he said that sometimes we make decisions without thinking about the long term effects, the consequences. Sometimes we decide to do something because it looks good, or is based on our feelings, or it looks harmless at first. Just because something looks good, doesn’t necessarily mean it is good in the long run.

I gotta be honest here. When I made the decision to accept the job I never once prayed over it, I never once thought about what this would mean for us, for me, a year from now. I assumed this opportunity was a blessing, but God used this sermon to show me that the little decision of ‘squeezing’ my church attendance into my lunch hour will have far-reaching consequences that I’d rather not think about.

I don’t want to lose that connection with God.

So on the way home Bryan asked me, “Is there something you want to tell me?”  I brushed him off and said no. How could I tell him that I didn’t want to take the job because I would be missing church, especially since we just spent part of our savings to buy a second vehicle???

But he persisted and asked again. I started to say no, but then it spilled out. And you know what he said?

He said that God had spoken to him clearly during service. God told him that I didn’t want to take the job because I’d be missing church and I was afraid to tell him. God told him to ask me that question.  He also told me not to worry, that the job doesn’t matter, that buying the second vehicle doesn’t matter, what matters is me being able to attend church.

My husband said he has never had God speak so clearly to him, and he felt compelled to ask me that question.  We are both in awe of God’s timing, and the fact that God is so intimately concerned with the decisions we make. God used a church service to speak into my life at a time when I needed clarity and direction.

Just think, if I had been working, I would’ve missed it.

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